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Welcome to Valu8er™

The Standard for High Stakes Business Valuations. Valu8er™ delivers the ultimate in independence, innovation, standards, multiple intelligence and report presentation.

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About Valu8er™

Welcome to Valu8er™, where high-stakes business valuation reports are elevated to new heights of independence, standards, customization, multiple intelligence, and automation. 

Whether you are a business broker, M&A professional, accountant or professional valuator – we understand the importance of providing clients with high-quality reports that are credible,  consistent, detailed and independent every time.     

With Valu8er™, your users are guaranteed that multiples are calculated with 100% independence, while your competition continues to build uptheir own.

Global leader in multiple intelligence, report standards, custom report generation and automation

Truly independent suggested EBITDA and sales multiples calculated on a relative valuation basis with advanced benchmarking technology and algorithms, minimizing human bias.
Analyzed over 30 million data points across 20,373 industries over 30 years (including 12,075 in Canada) to study what moves the needle for multiples – concluding with the 15 Pillars of Valuation.

Actively keeping a step ahead of valuation bodies across the board to set a new global standard for independence, multiple calculation and report presentation and disclosure.

Specialized, 30-year proprietary US to Canada benchmarking adjustments for USA comparables used for Canadian companies, and for any other country relying upon US data.
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Raising standards, independence, ethics and consistency in a globally ungoverned and unstandardized profession

Valuators have historically used AVM models in Excel and Word, and have had the power to build-up multiples as they wish, allowing human bias to influence valuations.

Valu8er™ eliminates the need for Word and Excel by automatically producing final reports in PDF format, empowering the valuator to complete the valuation while using its own independent intelligence (via the 15 Pillars of Valuation) to suggest multiples.

Valu8er™ also provides industry leading, consistent report presentation to make analyzing, interpreting and comparing easier and faster for decision makers and triers of fact.

Valu8er™ studies global valuation standards and stays ahead of the curve in terms of report disclosures, presentation and analytics.

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Global leader in business valuation file management & customization

Until now, the management of staff and reports have been done using a combination of spreadsheets, Word documents, emails and folder systems.

Valu8er™ provides a one-stop shop for all things valuation, including staff and file management, review notes, working papers and attachments.

Valuator enables users to complete valuations in any country for any standard, and stays on top of best practices and standards globally via Valu8er™’s Global Advisory Committee.

30-Day 100% Satisfaction or your Subscription Money Back


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