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15 Pillars of Valuation

The metrics and factors that 'move the needle' for EBITDA & sales multiples paid for private businesses

Valu8er calculates precise suggested EBITDA and sales multiples for private businesses by deploying its revolutionary technology and advanced algorithms, on a relative basis, to benchmark companies against comparables using these 15 Pillars of Valuation.

The 15 Pillars are compared on a relative basis. Further, the importance of each pillar varies by industry (for example, factors such as subscriptions and scalability are not expected in certain industries, whereas they are valued heavily in service-based industries).

1. Revenue size

The larger, the better

2. Revenue growth rate

The larger, the better

3. Average revenue per employee

The larger, the better

4. EBITDA margins

The larger, the better

5. Industry forecasted growth rate

The larger, the better

6. Tangible asset backing

The larger, the better

7. Subscriptions, contracts or ARR

These factors increase multiples paid

8. Level of technology / automation

The greater, the better

9. Scalability

The more scalable, the better

10. Difficult of industry entrance

The more difficult, the better

11. Working capital / cash-flow requirements

The smaller, the better

12. Level of owner reliance

The lower, the better

13. Capital asset expenditure requirements

The lower, the better

14. Customer & supplier diversification

The greater, the better

15. Level of management experience

The greater, the better


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