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5 Things Valu8er IS NOT

1. Valu8er IS NOT designed to serve anyone’s Interests.

Valu8er is blind to who it is being retained by. It does not differentiate between minority and majority shareholders, plaintiffs and defendants, or applicants or respondents.  Further, Valu8er’s A.I. and algorithm suggested valuation multiples are automatic and uninfluenced by any external factors.

2. Valu8er IS NOT exclusive for Valuators.

Users of Valu8er range from valuators, CPAs, family offices, private equity, M&A, portfolio management, CFO/CEO, lawyers, and more. Valu8er produces “Expert Reports made for Trial”, and such an offering is made available to all users.  Valu8er will also be producing livestreams and videos teaching how to Normalize EBITDA, what questions to ask clients, how to attack/view capital expenditures, working capital, Debt vs Equity, and so forth.

3. Valu8er IS NOT attempting to replace valuators.

Valu8er IS NOT attempting to replace valuators or dismiss the importance of valuators and the human element. For e.g., the software cannot Normalize Historical EBITDA by itself, or know what the respective annual capital expenditure amount is, or which industry transactions/competitors are the best comparables.  Users are still required to perform these exercises.

Valu8er is a power tool/framework (think Power Saw vs. Manual Saw) for valuators to use to minimize valuation time by 90%, and to guide them to arrive at a precise, algorithm calculated suggested EBITDA multiple.   Valu8er’s objective is to enhance valuation practices and standards and move away from “ballpark” and “sanity checks” to precision (thus more satisfying the FMV definition).

4. Valu8er IS NOT able to automatically assess risk.

Valuations are a function of risk.  Valu8er asks various risk-based questions, however, it is the user who best knows the subject company being valued, and accordingly, it is the user who must answer various risk-based questions for Valu8er to accurately assess risk in terms of arriving at an appropriate EBITDA multiple.

5. Valu8er IS NOT a mind reader.

The user must still think logically and answer questions and fill in sections based on their knowledge and research, and explain assumptions made. Valu8er, however, asks detailed questions and forces users to not take any shortcuts to arrive at a detailed and corroborated valuation conclusion.


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