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The Mission of Valu8er Expert Reports is to transcend the standard of business valuations to one of true independence and mathematical precision.

As noted by Valuations Guru, Aswath Damodoran, humans naturally have several inherent biases when providing valuation opinions (9 Human Biases in Valuation). Solving this, Valu8er uses A.I. and advanced algorithms to calculate 100% independent, Objective and Impartial suggested Revenue & EBITDA multiples every single time. Valu8er utilizes proprietary algorithm to provide precise suggested valuation multiples based on the concept of “relative valuation” and comparing subject companies to competitors and the industry based on the 14 Forces of Valuation. Furthermore, the algorithm is blind to whom the user is and the mandate every single time.

Valu8er also eliminates the need for word documents, spreadsheets and file and employee management systems, by providing an all-for-one platform to complete business valuation reports. As a result, Valu8er saves at least 90% of time spend on valuation reports, while providing completely error free reports and beautiful visuals and charts.

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