Old Problems, New Solutions

Up to 2023, business valuation reports have, globally, been completed via Word and Excel, and using precedent files as a starting point for each respective valuation.  As a result, valuation reports can take upwards of 200 man hours to complete, especially when there are multiple changes to be made, as changes require updating every single schedule and page.  

Solution: Automation

Valu8er automates report production, including schedules, appendices and all cross-referencing. In addition, Valu8er automates all domino-effect calculations.  Furthermore, Valu8er provides professionals with the necessary tools and framework to expedite valuations by approximately 90%, and automatically incorporates changes into all bodies of the report.  This is all done on Valu8er’s web application, therefore eliminating the need for word, excel or precedent files.

Up to 2023, the courts around the World have only required “experts” to corroborate their valuation conclusions by showing that their implicit EBITDA multiple conclusions are within the “ballpark” of market comparables, therefore supporting a “sanity check”.  The issue with this is that 2 opposing conclusions can be miles apart but both within the “ballpark”, when in reality, educated and motivated buyers and sellers of businesses use precision to arrive at appropriate EBITDA multiples.  The low ballpark standard results in wide gaps in valuation conclusion, resulting in extended litigation and costs for all parties involved, therefore not expediting or assisting the trier-of-fact’s work .

Solution: Relying on the 14 Forces of Valuation and using A.I. and algorithm, Valu8er automatically computes a precise suggested EBITDA multiple for each subject company, therefore providing bullseye precision instead of a ballpark.

Valuation experts have been using traditional folder and filing systems to store supporting documents, separate from the live report itself.  This is an inefficient process which requires the opening and closing of multiple files and folders stored in different locations.   

Solution: Valu8er’s web application has a built-in file & document storage solution, allowing professionals to add attachments to any respective section. For example, under redundant assets, a real estate appraisal report can be attached.

Managers and Partners have been providing review notes via email or within the live report or excel, as there is no one-stop shop for employees to share communications on live files.  This creates the risk of failing to follow up, or review notes being lost where an employee leaves the organization.

Solution: Valu8er’s web application has a built-in review notes section, allowing employees to reply to or create new review notes.  In the event an employee leaves, a new employee can be assigned the existing respective review notes.


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