Pricing and Products


All Monthly Plans providers users with full access and use of Valu8er’s global leading WorkFlow Management. As seen, we offer flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Further, experience Valu8er’s WorkFlow Management free for 1 month.









+$85/mo for each additional user

Level of Reports

Whether you are looking for Schedules Only, or a 
Comprehensive Valuation Report used for Litigation
 or a significant M&A Deal,  Valu8er provides users 
with multiple options to pick from.

Whether you are looking for Schedules Only, or a Comprehensive Valuation Report used for Litigation or a significant  M&A Deal,  Valu8er provides users with multiple options to pick from.

Lite *

* Schedules Only 

Approx. 20 Pages


Per Report


Approx. 50 Pages


Per Report


Approx. 70 Pages


Per Report


Approx. 90 Pages


Per Report

Update Report Pricing

Sometimes, Valuation Engagements can require an Update Report due to changes in assumptions, normalized EBITDA, balance sheet allocation, etc.  At Valu8er,  we make it affordable to Update Reports, with pricing as follows:

  • Lite (Schedules Only) $199
  • Low Level Report $249
  • Mid Level Report $375
  • Comprehensive Valuation Report $499

Valu8er Help

We Get It. There are times when you are short staffed and can use and extra hand (or two). Not to worry – Valu8er Help has you covered. Our team of experts can help on a Live file with you to assist with simple tasks such as data input, moderate tasks such as company and industry analysis, and advanced tasks such as forensic accounting, picking private company comparables or even signing off as an accredited valuator. Please find Valu8er Help Pricing as follows:

  • Input Financial Statements $50
  • Input Company Information from Website $40
  • Input Industry Qualitative Information $40
  • Input Industry Key Statistics $20
  • Input Tax Depreciable Asset Totals $20
  • Input Private Company Comparables Data $25
  • Select Private Company Comparables $95
  • Forensic Accounting / Due Dilligence on Earnings $45 per hour
  • Full Review & Sign Off by Accredited Valuator $499 to $1,999