The Founder

About The Founder

Valu8er™ was developed and founded by Rim Grewal, a software developer, CPA and Chartered Business Valuator who has prepared or assisted with over 1,000 business valuation reports. Rim has also developed and sold math and real estate valuation apps. In addition, Rim is part-owner in several businesses, and has been financially involved in the purchase or sale of five businesses. He is currently developing a new web application that integrates private loans and real estate valuations, as well as a Divorce Income Calculator web application to better serve families in marital separations. Rim is an entrepreneur at heart, and understands that valuations are dictated by the marketplace, not by changing a couple of cells in a automated spreadsheet.

After spending several years with two of Canada’s largest accounting firms, Rim opened his own boutique business valuation practice in 2015 at the age of 30, and has since provided fair market value opinions for shareholder disputes, estate purposes, divorce, tax planning, loans, raising capital and M&A deals and advisory.

Rim Grewal, CPA, CA, CBV

Chief Visionary Officer & Founder


A Note from Rim

“I am an independent thinker who values rationality and logic over emotions, financial and societal pressures. I am committed to using data, algorithms and consistency to inform my decisions, distancing myself from any bias or influence from social groups, political affiliations, or religious beliefs. Treating every individual with equal respect, I believe that true success and satisfaction comes from one’s own efforts rather than external assistance.

My thinking is shaped by a range of influences including my family heritage, mindfulness, Sikhism, Buddhism, thought leaders like Naval Ravikant and Alan Watts, academics like Aswath Damodaran, the activism of Martin Luther King, and the early work of Tupac Shakur.

I recognize that personal interests and balance of power can influence business valuations, leading to subjective outcomes. Although there are international standards to guide valuations, they are not legally binding, and they provide a lot of of flexibility in calculations which can result in conclusions that are miles away from true FMV. I am a firm advocate for thoroughness and honesty in conducting business valuations to ensure they are defensible and fair. 

Professionally, I stand for fairness and unbiased logic when determining the value of a business. I believe that valuing a company should be as impartial as if you were making a deal with a family member — with no favoritism or bias and attempting to best mimic what the market would pay for the business. It is upon this basic principle that Valu8er™ is built.”