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The Valu8er Way of Doing Valuations

Valu8er arrives at Valuation the same way the world's most sophisicated investors arrive at value.

Step 1

Valu8er enables the user to separate a company’s balance sheet into A) Business Assets (what’s required for the business to operate) and B) Redundant Assets. Buyers are only looking to pay for required assets and nothing redundant, unless it is a share deal.

Step 2

Valu8er enables the user to normalize EBITDA for the Trailing Twelve Months, most recent fiscal year and up to the most recent 7 fiscal years, and ultimately forces the user to arrive at what is an appropriate Ongoing Normalized EBITDA value.

Step 3

Valu8er enables the user to inputs its most appropriate comparables for the company.

Step 4

Valu8er forces the user to do a complete risk analysis based around the 15 Pillars of Valuation.

Step 5

Valu8er then applies its artificial intelligence, technology and algorithms to do a relative comparison, risk adjusted, and arrive at an appropriate EBITDA and/or Sales Multiple to value the company, also concluding on an appropriate level of Goodwill for the company calculated based on numbers of years of Normalized EBITDA.

Step 6

Valu8er multiples the Ongoing Normalized EBITDA (from Step 2) by its independently calculated EBITDA Multiple (as per Step 5) to arrive at an Appropriate Enterprise Value

Step 7

If it is a share deal, Valu8er will separately make further adjustments (add redundant assets and subtract debt), net of taxes, to calculate the appropriate total Share Value of the Company.


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