Global Leading Valuation Teams-Based WorkFlow Management

Valu8er DashBoard

All valuation personnel, documents, files and communications are managed through Valu8er’s DashBoard.   

Search and Filter

Search and Filter live and historical valuation reports by year, methodology, industry and company.  

Document Management

Say goodbye to alphabetical and numerical folder systems where supporting documents are stored.  Valu8er Dashboard and File Managements enables users to attach documents and correspondence to any section of the file, similar to leading accounting working paper software.

Duplicate & Roll Forward (Annuity Revenue)

Looking to do annual or quarterly valuations for a client? Not a problem.  Valu8er enables users to easily make duplicates of completed files and roll them forward to a new valuation date, making it effortless and fast to provide a new valuation report for a new valuation date.


Never do the same methodology or industry research twice. Valu8er allows users to create free models and leave it in their live files, allowing employees the ability to start with a partly completed file then having to start from scratch.  This can be done for various methodologies as well as industries.

Review Notes & Communications

Say goodbye to outlook and emails, and spreadsheets with outstanding tasks.  Valu8er’s Dashboard enables users to get a big picture view of number of issues outstanding on all files, as well as a microscopic lens on a file-to-file basis.

Automatic Employee Replacement

Now when an employee leaves, easily assign an alternative employee or a combination of employee to replace that employee’s files, like top accounting working paper software.

Staff Allocation & Management

Easily manage new and departing staff, as well as selecting which staff are working on which files.  With one-push, you can add or delete staff from files.